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Does Donald Trump really have the nuclear button? All you need to know

Nuclear Test
The US has loads of checks and balances over nuclear weapons
Galerie Bilderwelt/Getty Photographs

The New Yr began off on a scary be aware because the leaders of two nations issued nuclear threats in opposition to one another.

First, North Korea’s supreme chief Kim Jong- Un boasted he has the nuclear button on his desk and that he’s not afraid of utilizing it.

This triggered a fiery response from US President Donald Trump who claimed that his “nuclear button” is way greater and extra highly effective than Kim’s and that his “button works”.

Whereas that will not precisely appear to be the type of statements that one would count on from world leaders with nuclear strike capabilities, it’s got many questioning what the nuclear button really is and the place it’s. Is it actually on the president’s desk, and what would occur if Trump really pushes it?

From anecdotal proof, it may be assumed that there’s certainly an enormous pink button on Trump’s desk, however in a lighter vein it’s stated to alert one of many White Home employees members to convey him food regimen coke. Launching nuclear strikes is one thing that solely the president can authorise within the US, however the process to offer these orders come after much more work than merely a button.

Nuclear Football
The Nuclear Soccer carried by an officer
Photograph by Mark Wilson/Getty Photographs

The “Nuclear Soccer”, or the “Presidential Emergency Satchel” is a nondescript leather-based bag that’s carried by a army aide, an officer who travels with the president always. Contained in the “soccer”, is loads of paperwork, says Widespread Mechanics.

In response to CNN, there are various directions, together with, a complete menu of strike choices within the “Black Ebook”, small playing cards, about three-by-five-inches with authentication codes for the president to verify his id, safe bunkers and their places the place the president will be saved safely, ought to there be a strike, and an in depth how-to on using the Emergency Broadcast System.

Ought to the president wish to use nuclear weapons in opposition to an enemy, he must first communicate with and confer together with his advisers on what the plan of action needs to be. His advisers will then undergo the Black Ebook for a listing of choices, contingencies, and different particulars. After one in every of them is chosen, the plan must be activated.

Subsequent, the president has to ship the orders after confirming his id by studying out the code printed on the “biscuit”- three-by-five-inch playing cards. After the id of the orders is confirmed because the president’s, the orders can be handed down the army chain of command by way of a safe communications community all the best way to bombers, submarines, and missile crews all around the world.

As soon as the crews obtain their orders to fireside, they’re obligated to comply with the orders so long as they’re authorized US army personnel. The weapons will then be set off in direction of their goal. After they’ve been launched, it isn’t clear if they are often aborted.

Whereas the system itself is designed to be quick, there are many checks and balances alongside the best way. The president’s aides can persuade him to chorus from utilizing nuclear weapons, however they don’t have a veto in opposition to the president. It’s in the end the choice of the commander-in-chief.

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