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The monster snake that measured 50 feet and ate crocodiles for dinner

Titanoboa reproduction.
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Sixty million years in the past, a snake measuring 50 foot (15 meters) and weighing one-and-a-half-tons roamed a number of the Earth’s earliest tropical rainforests.

Titanoboa cerrejonensis was the biggest snake ever recognized to have existed and was an ancestor of in the present day’s boa constrictors – a bunch which incorporates pythons and anacondas. Being a constrictor, Titanoboa did not kill utilizing fangs or venom, however crushed its prey to dying utilizing its immense weight and highly effective muscular tissues.

Now, a sensible reproduction of the snake will tour 15 US cities as a part of an exhibition organized by the Smithsonian Establishment.

The reproduction will function vertebrae made utilizing casts taken from the unique fossils, which have been found in a Colombian coal mine in 2002.

In subsequent years, additional investigations of the mine have revealed quite a few fossils which have shone a lightweight onto what some scientists consider to be the primary rainforest on Earth.

The finds thus far have included large turtles and crocodiles, in addition to the first-known bean crops and a number of the earliest bananas, avocado and chocolate crops. However not one of the stays matched the spectacular discovery of fossilized vertebrae from the beforehand unknown snake species.

Titanoboa was one of many largest land animals of its time, in a interval when megafauna have been commonplace. Scientists assume it feasted on crocodiles after which it will haven’t wanted to eat for a complete yr, though it could even have eaten massive fish.

Like trendy snakes, Titanoboa would have been in a position to dislocate its jaw to assist swallow greater prey than it is personal head.

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