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Was the Russian winter to blame for the Saratov Airline crash that killed 71?

The lethal aircraft crash that killed 71 individuals in Russia on Sunday (11 February) might have been brought on by pace sensors that have been iced up.

Saratov Airways flight AN-148 crashed just minutes after taking-off from Moscow’s Domodedovo airport on its option to Orsk within the Ural mountains, killing all passengers and crew.

In response to Russia’s Interstate Aviation Committee, ice on the plane’s pace probes might have led to the crash. The probes, often called pitot tubes, are usually mounted exterior the cockpit on most industrial plane.

The devices are essential for pilots, as they decide the aircraft’s airspeed. Nonetheless, tubes which can be obstructed by components resembling ice or water can probably be very harmful for an plane.

A blocked pitot tube will trigger the airspeed indicator to register a rise in airspeed when the plane climbs although the precise airspeed is fixed.

Blocked pitot tubes have been chargeable for quite a lot of lethal crashes in aviation historical past and have been adjudged to be partly chargeable for the crash of Air France Flight 447 into the Atlantic Ocean in June 2009.

Russian plane crash
Part of a Saratov Airways Antonov AN-148 aircraft that crashed after taking off from Moscow’s Domodedovo airport

In response to Associated Press, investigators consider the flawed indication got here as a result of the pilots did not activate the heating unit for the aircraft’s stress measurement gear previous to takeoff.

Captain Valery Gubanov and co-pilot Sergey Gambaryan put the Antonov-148 on autopilot after taking off however took handbook controls again after they noticed various pace knowledge on the aircraft two air pace indicators.

In the meantime, a Russian newspaper reported the flight deck crew had encountered an issue whereas taxiing in the direction of the runway.

The problem seemed to be severe sufficient for the captain to recommend he would possibly refuse to utilise his takeoff slot.

Russian plane crash
Emergency providers work on the scene the place a Saratov Airways Antonov AN-148 aircraft crashed on Sunday.

“In a few minutes,” one of many pilots was quoted as saying by Russian day by day Komsomolskaya Pravda.

“We contact the technical crew, we now have issues. Actually in a minute we’ll inform you, whether or not we taxi to the stand, or we taxi out.”

Yuri Antipov, an skilled on aviation crashes, advised the identical newspaper that: “That is the pilot who’s speaking about technical issues.

“The identical particular person then experiences that they may resolve whether or not to taxi or not. So, there have been technical issues within the aircraft proper earlier than take-off.”

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