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Will this ancient Japanese undersea volcano be reborn? Massive lava dome found lurking underneath

The volcano on Mt Sakurajima erupts on September 29, 2014
Chris McGrath/Getty Pictures

An historic underwater volcano may probably be preparing for a fiery rebirth, as scientists uncover a large lava dome lurking beneath it. The volcano was answerable for the Akahoya eruption 1000’s of years in the past, which noticed volcanic ash unfold throughout 1,000 Kms.

Round 7,300 years in the past, Japan was buried below a sea of lava after the supereruption rocked the realm. The occasion led to the formation of a large caldera – a land despair – which now lies underwater. It’s beneath this caldera, referred to as the Kikai Caldera, that the newly found big lava dome resides.

The lava dome was found by researchers at Kobe College who imagine that there’s a one p.c likelihood of a “catastrophic” eruption occurring within the subsequent 100 years inside the Japanese archipelago. The lava dome, which is now rock strong, is 10 km broad and 600 metres tall. LiveScience reported that the dome is made up of eight trillion gallons of magma.

The scientists performed three underwater geological surveys of the area utilizing underwater robots, underwater seismographs and analysed samples of rocks and stones. The researchers discovered that the contents of the lava dome are completely different from the magma that induced the large eruption. In different phrases, though an eruption is probably going not imminent, the brand new proof of volcanic exercise will not be an echo of the Akahoya eruption. As a substitute, one thing completely different is brewing beneath Japan.

“The post-caldera exercise, no less than [at] this caldera, is considered the preparation stage to the following super-eruption, not because the calming-down stage from the earlier super- eruption,” volcanologist Yoshiyuki Tatsumi, lead creator of the brand new research, informed LiveScience.

Nonetheless, researchers are nonetheless unsure as to what this new exercise on the Kikai Caldera signifies. The scientists are scheduled to conduct yet one more survey in March, utilizing underwater robots to raised perceive what causes large caldera eruptions.

The brand new research has been revealed within the journal Scientific Reports.

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